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Different views and experiences help grow and build a strong company.

Women make up

of our team, compared to the 19% national average for women in Tech.

We welcome everybody

Talented People of all Ages

We recognize the value of a multigenerational team, a perfect combinations between business savvy and new skillsets.

Employee Bar Chart (Ages)

Our culture & workplace


A modern and bright workspace

Our 12,500 sq. ft. building is in downtown Winnipeg. It was completely remodeled in 2020. Open spaces and natural light were the priority of our design.

Frequent Town Hall Meetings

Where all the team keeps up to date on what’s happening.


Internal Cultural and Community Caring committees

They plan not only company events but also promote team collaboration and a caring culture among the company and our community.

A collaborative environment

Our team firmly believes in the power of working together; we deliver more success through shared goals and professional and personal support, encouraging coaching relationships between senior and junior team members.


Open-door Policy

Management encourages open communication, feedback and discussion within the team.