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Microsoft Teams Phone is Ranked #1 Cloud Phone System (Unified Communications as a Service) by Gartner Group.

Solving Software Accessibility Challenges in the Workplace

Microsoft 365 comes equipped to help all users reach their full potential, regardless of ability, with a variety of accessibility features and tools. While Microsoft 365 has many built-in tools and services to enhance collaboration and productivity, many of the available tools ensuring digital content and communication are accessible to individuals with disabilities go unused. Many users across all abilities do not leverage these tools because they may be unaware they are available. Many users with accessibility needs may not be expressing their requirements.


With guidance from Clear Concepts, organizations can leverage the wide variety of products and tools available with Microsoft 365, which can assist with
vision, hearing, neurodiversity, learning, mobility, and mental health needs in the workplace. Whether a user’s disability is permanent, temporary, or situational, we can help you and your organization find the right tools for the right people.

Clear Concepts will help your organization assess your existing use of the accessible features in Microsoft 365 and guide you in the awareness and adoption of the many tools available, so not only users with disabilities, but also their colleagues, can thrive in the workplace.


We will meet with Human
Resources and other key
employees to discover:

  • What tools you are currently leveraging for accessibility in Microsoft 365

  • What individual needs your workforce my benefit from

  • What tools everyone in your organization could be using to increase accessibility

We will provide you with:

  • An assessment of the currently used accessibility tools and services offered by Microsoft 365 in your workplace

  • A report with recommendations of tools, services, and features you can use or turn on to increase collaboration accessibility in your organization

  • Training on accessibility features, not only for staff who required these tools, and for all staff to understand how important adopting simple tools can be for those with disabilities


Introducing Accessibility in Microsoft 365 (for everyone)

Mastering Accessibility in Microsoft 365 (for specific tools)

More training available

Starting at $1,400

The Microsoft Ability Summit is an annual event dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities. The summit brought together diverse voices, cutting-edge technology, and inspiring stories to showcase Microsoft's commitment to creating a more inclusive world.

These are some of the key highlights and initiatives our team at Clear Concepts took away from the Microsoft Ability Summit 2023.

Collaboration Accessibility Assessment

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