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Hybrid Teamwork & Collaboration

Organizations are more matrixed than ever, meaning teamwork has become essential to the way work gets done.

Employees have new expectations for how and where they work — seeking physical and digital workspaces that feel inclusive, where they can easily share and connect to work together. Microsoft 365 provides the best platform for secure, hybrid teamwork and collaboration.

There is little benefit in switching to new productivity and collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 if your teammates are unsure how to use them.  Clear Concepts provides user-centric Microsoft 365 training and adoption services with resources that support a variety of work styles.

The successful adoption of Microsoft 365 represents a major change in user behavior. It is more than a set of apps – it is a fundamentally different way of working:

Change doesn't happen automatically. Most employees are hesitant to try new technology rolled out by their organization.

Constant training is required. The features and capabilities included in Microsoft 365 are evolving faster than ever.

Leadership matters. The right stakeholders must be engaged in the learning and change processes.

Awareness drives utilization. Streamlined processes and improved productivity boost the bottom line.

Our "Empty Cup" approach to Microsoft 365 training is a transformative method that draws from the Zen philosophy of approaching learning with an open mind. It emphasizes the importance of 'unlearning' to make room for new information, akin to emptying one's cup to fill it anew. This method encourages learners to let go of preconceived notions of what office software “does” and embrace a beginner's mindset, where possibilities are numerous and learning is boundless.

List of Instructor-Led Sessions

Introduction to Microsoft 365


Learn how to navigate the Microsoft 365 homepage, create, access, and save documents, share files and collaborate with others.

Recommended For:

  • Organizations that have recently migrated to Microsoft 365
  • New users of Microsoft 365

Introduction to OneDrive & SharePoint Document Libraries

File Sharing with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

Reclaim Your Inbox

Task Management With Microsoft To Do

Introduction To Microsoft Teams

Effective Meetings With Teams

Mastering Teams Meetings as an Attendee

Mastering Teams Meetings as a Presenter

Teams Meetings with Teams Premium

Task Management with Microsoft Planner

File Management in Microsoft 365 - A Focus On SharePoint Document Libraries

Productivity In Teams: Task, File, Channel Management, Apps & Add-Ons

Introduction to SharePoint Team Sites

Publishing News & Resources in SharePoint 

Advanced SharePoint Features

Introduction To Teams Phone

Teams Phone Administration

Introduction To Microsoft Copilot

Introduction To Power BI

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot

Utilizing Microsoft 365 Copilot to Enhance Productivity

Microsoft 365 Copilot Advanced Features & Best Practices

Clear Concepts Instructor-Led Training Includes:

Pre-training stakeholder consultation

Interactive sessions, geared towards
every-day scenarios

60-75 Minute
training session

Virtual training via Microsoft Teams

Recording of training provided to your team

Supplemental resources shared
with your team

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