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IT Service Provider

Clear Concepts simplifies the typical IT support model with advanced capabilities like real-time chat and cloud-based networking. Reduce your organization's IT footprint while empowering your team with the latest in transformative technology
join our fast-growing family of clients that embrace the power of digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence.


Managed Services

Clear Concepts provides Managed IT Services to help you get the most out of your technology. We monitor your network and systems to ensure you are always up to date with the latest security patches, and we handle any changes to your network so you don't have to. We also make sure your backup systems are performing optimally so you can focus on running your business. 


Professional Services

Clear Concepts has a wide range of IT project services to help you with everything from strategy to execution. We take a consultative approach, which means we'll be there every step of the way. From ideation to execution, we're here to help you get the best results from your business.


Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace technology is the next step in a company's evolution. It's not just about the latest technology, but how that technology can help your business grow. We're here to help you make the leap. We'll work with your team to identify goals, create a roadmap, and provide the tools you need to achieve them. 



Doing more with less is a priority for every business. Drowning in manual and paper-based operating procedures? Automation and AI are here to stay, and Clear Concepts can position your team to leverage business process automation.


Teamwork is the cornerstone of success and reaching organizational goals. With teams more distributed and elastic than ever before, it is a critical time to improve how we collaborate and work together. The best part is tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Windows 11 are ready for the task!


What’s the benefit of great Cloud software if your team is unsure how to use it. Clear Concepts provides user-centric Microsoft 365 adoption services with resources that support a variety of work and learning-styles.


Rise to the challenge and opportunity of digital transformation. Clear Concepts helps organizations prepare and scale fully-digital solutions to build resilience, improve competitiveness, reduce time-to-market, and delight those you serve.


The pace of Cloud software acquisition is accelerating. Integrating your software solutions ensures you take advantage of individual features and capabilities without stranding important data, causing user confusion, or wasting money on unused licensing.


Whether it is an Email, Data, or Infrastructure migration, choosing the right partner is critical. The Clear Concepts team has logged years of migration experiences, meaning you can trust us to migrate your important information assets with care.

Why work with
Clear Concepts?

Employ the right people

Our team strives to help make a difference in your business; helping build capacity, avoid undue expense, save you time, and ensure IT is an enabler, not a costly expense. We are in your corner.

Partner with the best

We only partner with leading IT vendors that understand the unique needs of our small and medium-sized clients. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, and Cisco are all key partners in our mission to unleash the business value in your technology.

Always one step ahead

Clear Concepts is always looking for ways to help our clients stay one step ahead. We continually review and assess new solutions and vendors, keeping apprised of how technology can help advance our client initiatives. We invest the time so our clients can focus on running their businesses.

Real-time IT Support

With our centralized IT management, we partner with you to make your IT more efficient. We're reinventing how businesses manage their IT and solving customers' problems in real time with our personalized chat support. Get instant help and a 50% cost reduction over competitive systems.

Have you ever been frustrated with your IT support? Are you looking for a better solution than calling a generic helpline?

Clear Concepts is the answer. Clear Concepts offers chat-based, lightning-fast IT support so you can get back to work, and we can deal with your IT problems.

Clear Concepts provides a unique approach to IT support that’s tailored to the needs of small business. We offer live chat-based support, so you can get the help you need when you need it. That way, your workflow won’t be interrupted by a technical issue, and you’ll be up and running again in minutes.


What can Real-time IT Support in Microsoft Teams help you with?


Who We Help

Managed or Co-Managed IT Services

If you're looking for a team of IT professionals who can help take your business to the next level, then you've come to the right place. At Clear Concepts, we're passionate about helping businesses of all sizes get the most out of their information technology. Whether you're a small business with big aspirations or a larger organization looking to streamline your operation, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer such a wide range of IT solutions. From manufacturing and retail to banking and real estate, we have experience serving businesses in a variety of industries. And because we know that every business is different, we take the time to get to know the unique needs of your organization.

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What Our Clients Say

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IT World Canada's
"Innovator of the Year (2021)"


Globe and Mail
"Canada's Top Growing Companies (2021)"


Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
"Outstanding Business of the Year (2019)"


The Channel Company
"Managed Service Provider
Pioneer 250 (2020)"

Recognized globally and locally for our dedication to service excellence

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