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Clear Concepts has been providing Cloud Services to our clients for several years and has the experience and training to do it right. Our Managed Cloud solution is available for Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure - services are offered on a per seat, per month plan. These easy to budget solutions offer significant business value for our Small and Medium sized (SMB) client base.

A true "Cloud Office" solution is reality for business with adequate Internet and appropriate redundancies. Many of our clients enjoy the benefits of a complete business solution in a monthly payment instead of upfront capital costs for a server. Clear Concepts specializes in bringing enterprise grade cloud solutions to a SMB market. Don't get lost in working with a national telecom that doesn't understand the needs of your business - contact Clear Concepts and let us earn your business.

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Typical Business Scenarios for Using the Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

You want a hybrid solution to extend on-premises with some cloud. You may have local line of business application that runs locally on Windows Server but backup of data is to the cloud and Office 365 is used for communication and collaboration. Identity management is synchronized between on-premise and the cloud for ease of access (single sign-on) and redundancy.

Extended Hybrid Cloud

You want a hybrid solution that blends workloads running in the cloud and on premise. Mission critical applications can benefit from a 99.9% SLA in Microsoft Azure. Office 365 is used for communication and productivity applications. Active Directory is synchronized between on-premise infrastructure and Azure. Local applications, file and print run in on-premise Windows Server with data backup to the cloud.

Cloud Only

Modernize your IT infrastructure with a cloud only solution using Microsoft 365 or Azure and Office 365. Credentials in Azure Active Directory for single sign-on and easy management of users. All applications run in Azure virtual machines for 99.9% SLA backed high availability and scalability. Line of business applications published as Remote Apps for the ultimate in resiliency and availability.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Be productive anywhere and collaborate together

Modernize your workforce and increase productivity with Office 365 or Microsoft 365 - securely access your data and work efficiently from any device, anywhere and anytime. Simplify all your IT services with one dashboard and minimize the work required to keep employees working on the same page.

Only pay for the services you use

Invest in your business, not IT infrastructure. Get enterprise grade IT delivered over the Internet, saving you the cost of servers, storage, or having to deal with the risk of local backup routines. Easily scale services up and down according to demand, only paying for the capacity and licenses you need.

Access all of your apps and data from every device

Cloud computing enables access to all of the applications your users require on any device from anywhere. Windows applications can run on tablets, smartphones, and Mac computers connected to the Internet. Office 365 is also compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices, ensuring that users are easily accommodated in the ways that they prefer to work.


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