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Getting To Know Microsoft Copilot

Ryan Bialek 2024-01-23

Microsoft Copilot is a powerful tool that can help you boost your productivity. Whether you are writing reports, proposals, presentations, or emails, Microsoft Copilot can assist you with smart suggestions, corrections, and completions - but that's not all. Far from it!


While Microsoft is continuously adding new capabilities to this free AI-tool, and making more capabilities available to mobile platforms, let's dive into some use cases that you can use today from your desktop browser or smartphone.

Website & Document Summarization - Open a website, blog post, or PDF document and use Copilot to quickly digest the key points. Try it with this blog post, for example.

Creating Upskilling Plans - Ask Microsoft Copilot to generate a learning plan for a subject or topic you are looking to brush-up on. Copilot will provide resources, and source websites for you to browse.

Writing Code - Professional Developers or Citizen Developers can get through coding road-blocks by leveraging Copilot to write code and scripts, diagnose code, or explain code in natural language.

Analyzing Data from Tables - Copy and paste a table of information, data in rows and columns, or from Excel. Ask questions of the data in natural language, including aggregating info or summarizing and totaling.

Sentiment Analysis - Paste a block of text, email messages, or customer satisfaction survey responses and ask Copilot to provide an analysis of the message sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral).

Text Categorization - Take multiple text-based inquiries into Copilot and have categories applied to the conversations and emails. Blast through your paperwork!

Image Creation - Microsoft Copilot is a fantastic tool for generating new imagery. Whether you are looking to spice-up your next Teams Channel post, Blog Post, or PowerPoint presentation - prompt Copilot with what you are looking for, a style, and format.

Image Detection - Not sure what exactly you're looking at? Need help classifying a building style, machinery, or activity in a scene? Add an image to Copilot to find out what AI can see.

With Microsoft Copilot, you can save time, effort, and resources, and focus on the most important aspects of your work. Copilot is more than just a writing assistant; it is your partner in productivity. Get started by visiting in your favorite browser, and don't forget to login with your work account.


What about Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a separate product offering from Microsoft Copilot, and this is where things get a bit confusing.

Microsoft Copilot is free to anyone, organizations with work accounts that leverage Microsoft 365 or Office 365 can rest assured that any user interactions with Microsoft Copilot include Commercial Data Protection.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a paid (annual) subscription product. Specifically, Microsoft 365 Copilot is a set of generative AI tools that extend into our favorite Microsoft Office applications, throughout the Microsoft 365 suite. With a Microsoft 365 Copilot subscription, you can leverage a Copilot inside of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, and more!

Microsoft 365 Copilot is grounded in your work data, including what you're working on, and who you are working with. This includes Enterprise-Grade Data Protection and all of the corporate permissions and policies within SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365.

Stay-tuned for more coverage of Microsoft 365 Copilot coming soon to this blog!


Looking For Microsoft Copilot Training?

Interested in learning how to use Microsoft Copilot to save time in your daily work? Clear Concepts offers tailored Microsoft Copilot Training. Our AI Experts can progress your team through a series of demonstrations and real-life scenarios, leveraging Microsoft Copilot and reinforcing the basics of Prompt Engineering.

Don't miss our great video content showcasing tips and tricks for Prompt Engineering on YouTube.

AI-Training1This image was generated with Microsoft Copilot.