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Innovate For Impact

Ryan Bialek 2023-12-14

On December 6th, 2023, Clear Concepts hosted a group of local non-profit organizations at our inaugural, Innovate for Impact session. This unique event was a first for Winnipeg, combining a unique perspective on the latest collaboration technologies, with pragmatic advice for local non-profits, charities, and community foundations to leverage Artificial Intelligence.


Highlights from the event:

Digital Transformation

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping industries, non-profit organizations stand to gain significantly from an exciting array of modern work concepts. This is a reimagining of how we work: People we collaborate with, when and where we work, plus the processes we follow each and every day.

Subject matter experts from Clear Concepts reviewed seven core transformative forces, providing examples of how investing in these technologies now pays dividends in the future:

  1. Secure, Hybrid-Work
  2. Integrated Cloud Experiences
  3. Engaged & Accountable Employees
  4. Modern Experiences for the Constituents We Serve
  5. Collaboration Accessibility
  6. Data-Driven Culture
  7. Business Process Automation


Clear Concepts  - Digital Transformation-01

Operationalizing Digital Transformation

Session attendees heard from a number of guest speakers and local non-profit leaders regarding the benefits of operationalizing digital skills and practices. This includes Cloud-first capabilities, employing a 'Zero Trust Security' model, and deploying Modern Work capabilities with Microsoft 365.

Ultimately, adding Artificial Intelligence to this mix of capabilities will enable non-profits to transform processes and experiences across a variety of users:

  • Firstline, Service Delivery
  • Volunteer Staff
  • Back Office, Finance & Operations
  • Executives & Boards
  • The Communities Served by Non-Profits


Why Non-Profits Should Consider AI?

Leveraging AI not only propels operational efficiency but also amplifies the impact of every initiative undertaken.

"AI is an amazing force multiplier. Small teams with AI will be able to outpace large teams without it." - Ryan Bialek, Clear Concepts

  • Empowered staff achieve more and deliver on your charter and mission

  • Organization knowledge gets stuck in our memory, AI sets it free
  • AI Adoption has a low barrier to entry, it's easy to start small
  • The more that gets done with less, the higher the return on investment
  • Non-profits are eligible for many Cloud software grants and discounts


Clear Concepts AI Adoption Model

We are pleased to share our suggested AI Adoption Model, across organizations of all sizes and industries or market segments:

Clear Concepts  - AI Adoption Model

Clear Concepts helps organizations turn "productivity quick wins" into larger, scalable AI experiences. Custom Copilots for your organization can be utilized internally or externally. Our team is ready to help you design and develop a custom Copilot.


The entire Clear Concepts team wishes to extend sincere gratitude to all organizations that attended and participated in this event. A special thanks to Cisco Systems as the official event sponsor.

Products demonstrated and discussed during the session:


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