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First Nations Protects Its Medical Data and Improves Health Care Delivery with Veeam, Clear Concepts and ThinkOn

Posted by Clear Concepts Team | May 15, 2019 3:35:02 PM


The Cowichan Tribes are a First Nation living on Vancouver Island. In an effort to improve the delivery of health care in their community, they created an electronic medical records system that is now used by First Nations across the country. The system honours their indigenous teachings and increases control of their health data, but it also comes with challenges.The first is making sure data is always available so medical professionals can diagnose and treat people efficiently and effectively. The second challenge is maintaining compliance with Canada’s data-privacy law.


  • Improves health and wellness outcomes for First Nations
    Veeam, Clear Concepts and ThinkOn work together to protect First Nations’ medical data, keeping it available so health care professionals can diagnose and treat patients efficiently and effectively.
  • Preserves generations of medical data for future diagnoses
    When health care providers know the role heredity plays in family members’ health, they can proactively test and treat them to improve the quality of their lives.
  • Boosts recruitment efforts for more health care professionals
    Staff resources are limited at health centres. Not only does Mustimuhw promote greater efficiency among staff, it also put First Nations in a much better position to recruit additional health care providers.


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