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Clear Concepts is an award-winning IT company based in Winnipeg. We have over 18 years of experience in assessing, deploying, and maintaining technology for businesses not only in Winnipeg, but throughout Western Canada.

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Adopting MFA Series Part 3: Implementing MFA in Microsoft 365

In the 3rd and final part of our MFA series, we'll take a look at how MFA is enabled in Microsoft 365.  Take a deep breath - you've got this!
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Adopting MFA Series Part 2: MFA Apps

In part 2 of our "Adopting MFA" series, we'll take a quick look at a few of the most popular authentication apps available today.  
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Adopting MFA Series Part 1: What is MFA?

Wondering if you should bring Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) into your organization?  If you're on the fence and not sure how MFA improves account security, start here.
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Spring 2021: MOWO Live Lineup

Returning this Spring, join us for the return of our MOWO Live webinars and checkout what we are covering below!
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Modern Workplace Feature for CentrePort Community News

"Two years-worth of digital transformation in ten months" article published in Winnipeg Metro Region's "Regional Times".
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MOWO Live Returns March 2021

Returning this March, join us for the return of our MOWO Live webinars!
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Still Running Windows 7? Time to Upgrade!

Windows 7 support ended on January 20, 2020.If you are still using it, consider moving to Windows 10 now! Here's why:
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7 Tips to Identify Phishing Emails

We have all received a suspicious email in our inboxes before. Even so, knowing if these messages are coming from a legitimate company, or if the source is one that is impersonated, isn't always a black and white situation.  Check out this infographic that contains some of our security expert's tricks to avoid falling victim to a phishing email.
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How to Use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Looking to achieve more consequential connections out of large group meetings? Now you can break down your meetings into smaller groups to accomplish more with the use of Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams!
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Stay Safe Online with these Cybersecurity Tips

Staying safe online doesn't need to be complicated.  Check out this infographic that contains some of our favorite cybersecurity tricks to help you stay safe online at home and at work.
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