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Setting Up a New Team in Teams (Part 2) - Designing Channels

You've setup your first team, now let's get organized.  Written article inside
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Setting Up a New Team in Teams (Part One)

A look the WHEN and HOW of creating a new Team in Microsoft Teams. Check out the video demo and written article inside
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Tips for Teams: How to Use @Mention

The @mention feature in Office 365 may be one of the most underrated tools you have at your fingertips. Learn how to get your next message noticed by the right people, and take a step closer to a world that doesn't abuse "reply-all".
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Tips for Teams: Conversations

Take team communication to the next level with transparency and context that email simply can't provide.  Learn why we think Team Conversations are so important in today's workspace, and how it can create a fundamental shift in how you communicate and collaborate with your peers. 
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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Has your business rolled out Teams?  Start here to get your baring on the new centerpiece of the Office 365 suite that ties together communication, meetings, file-sharing and so much more.
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Tour of Microsoft Teams

If you're new to Microsoft Teams and looking for a quick tour - start here!  We'll be using the official Microsoft Teams Quick-Start guide, which you can download here (PDF). 
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Bring Email into Microsoft Teams

One small step towards reducing noisy, internal email; one giant leap for daily productivity. Video and written job aid inside.
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Say "Hello" to Business Voice

Meet the phone system designed for The Modern Workplace - Microsoft 365 Business Voice. Video and inspiration inside...
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Leverage the Power of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the newest members of the Office 365 collaboration family that seems to have started revolutionizing the workplace. Microsoft Teams enhances the spirit of teamwork in the business market. Regardless of the size of your business, you can achieve more together with Microsoft Teams.
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