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Microsoft Teams Goes Premium

Ryan Bialek 2023-03-21

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that has become essential for businesses and organizations of all sizes. While the basic version of Teams offers a wide range of features that can help teams stay connected and productive, upgrading to Teams Premium can unlock even more benefits that can help streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve overall collaboration.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the key reasons why your organization should consider upgrading to Microsoft Teams Premium.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

One of the primary benefits of Teams Premium is greater security and compliance features. Teams Premium includes advanced identity and access management capabilities, as well as additional controls to help deter accidental information leaks.

Teams Premium also includes data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, which can help prevent accidental or intentional data leaks by automatically detecting and blocking sensitive data before it is shared. "Protected Meetings" can help organizations prevent data breaches that may be extremely damaging to a company's reputation.

New Meeting & Event Capabilities

Teams Premium includes advanced meeting and webinar capabilities. With Teams Premium, users can schedule and host large-scale meetings and webinars for up to 20,000 participants, which can be particularly useful for organizations that host virtual events or trainings on-the-fly.

In addition, Teams Premium includes advanced meeting templates, branding, watermarking, and an improve back-stage experience for webinar presenters. These features can minimize distractions, keep presenters focused and more comfortable, while engaging a virtual audience.

AI-Powered Assistance

Microsoft is delivering on the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the Teams Premium experience. These features allow you to work smarter, and focus on high-value tasks.

An automated task suggestion being shown in a sales analysis review meeting in Teams Premium.Image: Courtesy of Microsoft

Put AI to work to deliver automatically generated task lists from Teams Meetings. Leverage AI to summarize your meetings, making transcript searching a breeze.

Advanced Virtual Appointments

Finally, Teams Premium includes advanced personalized virtual appointment tools. This allows your organization to respond to many customer's desires to connect on their terms.

With Teams Premium you can offer customers a seamless and personalized experience including pre-appointment reminders (even via SMS), company-branded waiting room, plus an improved 'join" experiences from any web browser or mobile device.

Analytics and insights for Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium.

Image: Courtesy of Microsoft

Post-appointment reporting and analytics only available in Teams Premium can uncover appointment trends including missed appointments and wait-times, while helping your organization deliver better customer experiences.


While the standard version of Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool, upgrading to Teams Premium can provide organizations with a wide range of additional benefits. From enhanced security and compliance features to new meeting capabilities, and virtual appointment tools.

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams Premium or starting a free trial, please contact us today!