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You're Paying Too Much For Software

Posted by Ryan Bialek | Jun 24, 2022 11:23:47 AM

Consolidate your software spend and improve your organization's security posture with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

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As the Software-as-a-Service model continues to proliferate into all types of software, more businesses end up paying for more software than they need. Duplicated features, security risks, siloed data, and user frustration add to wasted time and expenses.

Through this webinar we’ll follow the story of ‘Full Cloud Co.’ a fictitious organization (based on real-world scenarios) that set out to reduce software sprawl. See how consolidating software with Microsoft 365 Business Premium can help your organization:

  • Collaborate in the Hybrid Workplace
  • Secure Access & Protect User Identity
  • Prevent Internal Data Loss
  • Defend Against Cyberthreats
  • Eliminate Small Office Servers

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Written by Ryan Bialek

For most of his life, Ryan has been enthusiastic about technology — but he never thought he would build a career from his love of computers. Today, Ryan is a recognized advocate for the Microsoft Cloud, using his passion to help organizations digitally transform. Outside of work, Ryan stays active and busy with family.


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