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The AI Imperative - This Hits Home

Ryan Bialek 2024-05-16

Microsoft and LinkedIn have just released their annual Work Trend Index (WTI) Report. It should come as no surprise that the WTI documentation this year is packed with information and statistical data about Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption, and individuals and organizations embrace of this latest tech. There's also a pretty big wake-up call for business leaders in this year's report.

Four standout points from the 2024 Work Trend Index:

  • The use of generative AI tools have nearly doubled in the last six months alone. 75% of global knowledge workers are now leveraging AI.
  • AI is helping employees save time, focus on the mort important tasks, and enhance creative capabilities.
  • AI aptitude is becoming a critical hiring factor, with many organizations reporting a preference to higher less experienced candidates with AI experience over more experienced candidates without it.
  • There is a common gap between user's desire for AI tools, and their employing organization's plans to strategically implement AI.


The most striking stat, and here is where you should pay attention:

Employees WANT Generative AI tools - and they want them now.
So much so, that 78% of AI users are bringing their own AI tools to work.


If this sounds familiar, it is because this mirrors trends of "Shadow IT"; where users unable to discover or access productivity and collaboration software capabilities will eventually get their own (often with a personal or non-work provided account).

If you are a business owner, director, or executive... that should be a wake-up call. How do we know which AI tools our teammates are trying? How do we ensure sensitive or proprietary data is not exiting our organization's firewall? What guarantees do we have that our data is not being used to train a free AI tool's language model?

This trend highlights the urgency for organizations to provide strategic AI tools that align with corporate goals and protect sensitive data.


Embrace a Structured Approach to AI Enablement: Crawl, Walk, Run

Clear Concepts stands at the forefront of this movement in the SMB-space, offering a pathway for organizations to move through the journey AI experimentation to business transformation.

Our AI Practice is among the most comprehensive in Canada. We are proud to offer a variety of services and technical capabilities, available today, that deliver success across the crawl, walk, run paradigm.

Crawl: The first steps towards AI adoption are often the most crucial. It’s about laying the groundwork, understanding the potential, and building awareness that AI can be responsible, and help on a daily basis.

Walk: Once the seeds of inspiration have been sown, it’s time to take steady steps towards realizing the vision of AI. These services ensure that not only is the right technology enabled but also that the end-users are equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI effectively.

  • Teams Premium Licensing, Enablement, and End-user Training
  • Readiness Workshop for Microsoft 365 Copilot (presentation and assessment)
  • Data-readiness & Data Loss Prevention enablement
  • Microsoft 365 Complete Enablement Package (technical enablement, security, and training)
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot End-user Training

Run: The final sprint is where the full potential of AI is unleashed. Clear Concepts’ Custom Copilot & AI Development services (Copilot Factory) provides organizations with completely customized AI copilots, ensuring that every aspect of the AI solution is tailored to fit the operational rhythm and mission of the organization. This bespoke approach ensures that AI integration amplifies efficiency and impact, propelling businesses towards a future of enhanced decision-making and captivating experiences.

By embracing Clear Concepts’ AI approach, you can ensure that your organization is not left behind in the digital revolution, but rather, are leading the charge towards a smarter, more efficient future.

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