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Clear Concepts Insights: Cloud

The Cloud Called… It’s Time To Migrate Your Phone System!

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Put It In Azure! Why Buying a Server is a Thing of The Past.​

In this webinar, we expanded on a variety of cost-effective Azure solutions that can be used by businesses of all sizes.

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Implement an Internal Cloud for your Business

Gain the benefits of cloud computing but own the solution Businesses have been moving toward Cloud Computing at a rapid pace. There are many estimates on how quickly this is..

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient Using Web APIs

As more and more small and mid-sized businesses migrate application workloads or whole environments to the cloud, I am seeing several trends emerging. The maturity of cloud..

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Cloud or Local Backups? Why not both?

A reliable backup does not have to be expensive or complicated. Backup storage evolved from punch cards to using the Cloud. The objective remains the same, protect your data from..

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