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How to Setup Team Channel for Projects

Learn how to make a Workspace for your projects using channels in Microsoft Teams.  Video tutorial included!
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How to Create a SharePoint Page for Holidays and Events

Learn how to use SharePoint and Lists to create a central source of information on upcoming holidays and other events.  Full video, transcription, screenshots and links included.
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Creating a Private Planner Board with Microsoft Lists

Do you need a Planner board that you have total control over?  Learn how to set up your own private board in Microsoft Lists. 
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MOWO Show Episode #69 - A Plan for the Unplanned

The MOWO Show returns for the new year in this episode of Don't Lose it, Snooze it, and we break down what the Modern Workplace will be looking like for 2022.
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Create a Channel for Projects with Microsoft Lists

New to Microsoft Teams and need to organize a project? Learn how to setup and assign project tasks using Microsoft Lists, all from a team channel.
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Why I'm Excited About Microsoft Lists

Let's list the ways!
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