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Nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes, from small community groups to large foundations. They span a wide range of industries, from education and healthcare to the arts and social services. And they undertake a variety of initiatives, from providing direct services to raising awareness about important issues. Managing a nonprofit can be a complex and demanding task, requiring a careful balance of operational, financial, and community relations responsibilities.
While being resilient to cyber threats and keeping up with emerging technology that can help improve several areas of operations for nonprofits, a dedicated IT team simply isn't easily attainable. The nature of running a nonprofit and budget needed for an in-house IT team just doesn't seem like a cost-efficient endeavor. Nonprofits rely on their networks and data to function properly on a day-to-day basis. If this sounds familiar, your organization might benefit from working with Clear Concepts. We can provide expert guidance and support for all your technical needs, from planning and budgeting to cybersecurity and disaster recovery. As a result, partnering with us can help your nonprofit stay resilient in the face of ever-changing technology.

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Clear Concepts is a team of passionate professionals, proud of what we do — we want to make a positive impact on your operation. Let us hear your technology challenges and opportunities so we can help you get the most out of your technology investment, on-premise and in the cloud.


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"Highly recommended. We use Clear Concepts for all our cloud products (Office 365, Email, Outlook, Teams, Telephony, etc). Clear Concepts is fantastic to work with. When we have a problem or a need, we just send an email to their support, and our problems are magically fixed! They have great communication and quick turnaround on their support tickets, and I have never been frustrated with them, which is rare in the IT world! If you want a no-hassle IT provider, go with Clear Concepts."

Dane D.

"Been using Clear Concepts for a year now, and there isn't much better service you can ask for. They have an automated back-end that makes sure both you and CC are getting the info they need, so I always know where my job is at. They have also gone above and beyond in offering up new ideas and providing a lot of value with an ongoing web series and seminars to help us learn about all of the Microsoft 365 apps we have. Definitely recommend."

Doug D.

"Clear Concepts has been our trusted IT partner for more than five years and I can't say enough things about their talented team. Whatever IT issues arise for us, they always have an experienced tech on the job within hours and almost every issue is resolved within a few hours. They manage our computers, network and phone system and we are happy with the equipment and services on all three. Computers and phones are essential to our business and that is why we continue to trust the team at Clear Concepts."

Jonathan S.

"Our company has had the good fortune of working with Clear Concepts since we officially opened our doors in October 2008. Their service has always been exemplary, but what has been particularly helpful is their ability to keep us current with the latest technology to ensure that our company is protected and always operating with virtually no downtime."

Devon K.

"We recently had Clear Concepts provide a company security audit. They were very helpful and professional and provided great value for the cost. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again in the future."

Daniel H.