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Microsoft Teams Phone is Ranked #1 Cloud Phone System (Unified Communications as a Service) by Gartner Group.

Business Process Automation Discovery

Streamline time consuming, manual, and paper-based processes
with customized Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions
from Clear Concepts!

In today's fast-paced world, the plague of repetitive manual processes is holding back countless organizations. Valuable employee time and energy is wasted on mundane tasks that drain productivity. This also contributes to diminishing employee morale and elevated transcription errors.

Thankfully, Business Process Automation (BPA) can help! By
digitizing and streamlining these reoccurring tasks, BPA unlocks organizational efficiencies and improved job satisfaction, helping you to do more with less!



However: amidst the myriad of business processes within most institutions, uncovering the ideal opportunities for BPA can be challenging

Clear Concepts is here to help you to uncover actionable BPA opportunities that will provide a measurable ROI to your organization.

Introducing the Business
Process Automation Discovery!

Take that first step towards BPA by enlisting in your complimentary Business Process Discovery today!

Common Use Cases

Finance and Accounting Processes
• Expense approvals processes
• Invoice creation

Human Resource Operations
• Employee on/off-boarding
• Employee evaluations and satisfaction assessment

Data Entry and Management
• Data transfer & transformation activities
• Report & data dashboards
• Data collection from external sources

Firstline & Field Processes
• Checklist processes
• Maintenance reminders / announcements

Desktop Control
• Form filling
• Automating legacy line-of-business

The Process

BPA Discovery Process-01

Clear Concepts’ unique approach to BPA includes moving customers through phases of automation maturity:



Use the free automation tools included in Microsoft 365 (Approvals, Messaging, Reminders, Documents)



Apply logic and conditions to create more powerful automated processes. Leverage external triggers and third-party app integrations.



Leverage Artificial Intelligence and cognition to drive major automation impact. Use desktop control and unattended process automation.


Watch Recorded Webinar

The Cloud Called... It's Time To Migrate Your Phone System

In this Clear Concepts recorded webinar, learn from our Teams Phone experts about how our proven migration process can help you ditch your outdated and cumbersome phone system.

Start with a no-obligation
Business Process discovery consultation today

Are you looking for ways to improve your business performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction? Do you want to identify and eliminate the bottlenecks, gaps and redundancies in your workflows? If so, you need a business process discovery consultation. Let us help you map out your current processes, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and design new or improved processes that align with your goals and objectives.