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Clear Concepts supports a wide variety of business networks, with a focus on organizations between 10 and 500 employees. If you value Information Technology and understand the return on investment that IT delivers, we are likely a great fit.  If you are more interested in the lowest price or avoiding IT, there are other service providers that specialize in this space—we will not be the right service provider for you. Clear Concepts is a team of passionate professionals, proud of what we dowe want to make a positive impact on your operation. 


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The following vertical markets are examples of how we can make an impact but we also serve other business types not featured on this page. From Manufacturing to Retail, from Banking to Real Estate, we serve them all. Contact us to learn more.

Social Services

Clear Concepts has significant experience addressing the unique needs of Social Service organizations such as Youth Care, Community Service, Equality, Employment Assistance, Housing, etc. Our specially trained technical team has significant experience dealing with a wide range of organizational needs. All of our technical staff have criminal record screening to ensure compliance with Social Service staffing requirements.

IT Support for Social Services


Our focus area on Health brings Technicians working together with healthcare administrators and executives to provide a holistic approach to the specific needs of Health Centres and Medical Clinics.  Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of medical privacy rules and practice operations.  We are aware of the extremely private nature of patient data and take the utmost security precautions to make appropriate recommendations for compliance with all provincial and federal governing legislation.

We provide application support and work with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) vendors as an intermediary even after the software has been installed.  Our goal is to make sure that your software choice is successful and that your team is using it to maximum functionality.  Two of the more popular EMR applications we support are Mustimuhw and Accuro.

IT Support for Healthcare


Clear Concepts can provide a complete package of IT managed services for schools or other educational institutions. Clear Concepts has cultivated a growing base of education clients through our commitment to learning, adapting, and embracing this specialized vertical market. Education is unlike any commercial business market; the needs are much different and we understand and appreciate the sheer diversity of technology requirements for today’s leading educators.

IT Support for Education

Municipal Government

Clear Concepts works with several Municipalities providing managed services and network assessments for planning and implementing some of their larger IT projects.  We help by providing expert advice for their planning process and follow through with assisting their IT staff with the implementation of the project deliverables. Our clients in this industry see the value of our managed services because we eliminate many of the standard concerns of managing in-house IT services.

IT Support for Municipal Government

Field Services

Our Field Service offering is designed for Construction, Engineering, GIS, Surveying, Utility Service organizations that require specialized IT support for management of a company's resources that provide provide professional services for clients. Examples include compliance, managing worker activity, scheduling and dispatching work, remote connectivity, and integrating the management of such activities with inventory, billing, accounting and other back-office systems.

IT Support for Field Services


Clear Concepts understands the needs of Transportation companies. Our wide range of services and 7 day per week support ensure the trucks keep rolling when issues come up with submitting reports, getting connected, or tracking loads.

IT Support for Transportation

Remote Communities

We have a strong connection and sensitivity to the challenges faced by remote communities and work closely with leaders to help them address their needs. We also work with several Municipalities to provide cost-effective GIS and business management tools as well as facilitating their land surveying needs through our affiliated organization Barnes & Duncan Land Surveying Geomatics and Engineering.

IT Support for Remote Communities

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