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Alex Henry

Alex is a passionate champion of the Modern Workplace philosophy and continuous learning. Learning new technology for collaboration and communication is a hobby. Helping friends, family, clients, and colleagues find smarter ways to use this modern technology to solve old problems is a passion. In the parting words of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes: "It's a magical world.... let's go exploring!"

Recent Posts

How to Setup Team Channel for Projects

Learn how to make a Workspace for your projects using channels in Microsoft Teams.  Video tutorial included!
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My Sweeping Revolution for Managing Email

Keeping my email inbox organized as never been an easy task for me. In fact, it’s something I’m terrible at.
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How to Create a SharePoint Page for Holidays and Events

Learn how to use SharePoint and Lists to create a central source of information on upcoming holidays and other events.  Full video, transcription, screenshots and links included.
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How to Add Your Office Templates to SharePoint Online

Do you have branded templates that need to be distributed and accessible to staff?   Check out this short video to learn how upload and use Office Document templates in SharePoint Online.  Video transcription and screenshots included.
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How to Add Transcriptions to Your Teams Meetings

Make your Teams meetings more accessible by adding captions to the recorded files.  Check out this article for the video, transcription, screenshots and more.
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How to Setup a Shifts Schedule for Hybrid Teams

Learn how to use the "Shifts" app in Microsoft Teams to plan and coordinate staff schedules in a hybrid environment.  Find the full video and transcription here.
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Creating a Private Planner Board with Microsoft Lists

Do you need a Planner board that you have total control over?  Learn how to set up your own private board in Microsoft Lists. 
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Should You Use Microsoft Planner in 2022?

In a recent episode of The MOWO Show, I was asked a question about Microsoft Planner, which got me asking myself, "Will Microsoft sunset Planner this year?".
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Visual Aid: How to Record Your Screen with Microsoft Stream (May 2021)

A quick way to capture and share knowledge across your organization with this feature.  Internal training may never be the same again.
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Visual Aid: How to Schedule a Teams Meeting (April 2021)

Need to schedule your first Microsoft Teams meeting?  Check out this quick guide that lays it all out for you.
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