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Nino Vales

Nino regularly writes tips and articles about Cybersecurity. He holds multiple Cybersecurity certifications (CISSP, CySA+, CyberOps, M365:Security Administrator). During his free time, he loves to go fishing and camping. He is a basketball fanatic and collects limited edition basketball sneakers and jerseys.


Cloud or Local Backups? Why not both?

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Latest Posts

Quick Tips to Prevent Ransomware (and what to do if you get hit)

Over the last two years there has been a growing number of Ransomware attacks happening all over the world. We should learn of the dangers and how to avoid getting affected by it.

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Phishing Emails and How to Protect Yourself

We have seen a significant increase in the volume of Phishing emails being sent globally. The trend is expected to rise and users should be prepared and educated on how to..

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