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Glenn Kemp

About 30 years ago, Glenn started out in IT by developing BASIC gaming apps on a Commodore VIC-20. Over the years he has gone full circle, working in all facets of Information Technology, landing at Clear Concepts in 2011. Glenn has interest in IT strategy, futurism, cloud computing, and complex simulator games.

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Implement an "Internal Cloud" for your Business

Gain the benefits of cloud computing but own the solution Businesses have been moving towards Cloud Computing at a rapid pace. There are many estimates on how quickly this is accelerating but the consensus is somewhere between 20% and 30% year over year growth for AWS and Azure. Cloud Computing has distinct advantages including the utility usage of storage and processing power, redundancy, and efficiency.
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Latest Email Threats: Homograph Exploits and Extortion Scam

Regular SPAM filtering just isn’t as effective as it used to be. We live in a time where threats are evolving on a global scale, rapidly working to disarm even the best email filtering solutions. Time and time again, new exploits of Phishing and Spoofing are designed to take advantage of the human condition.  Here are two of the more advanced tactics currently being utilized to gain access to private data or extort money:
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What is Microsoft 365 and how do I know if it's a fit for my business?

Almost every small and mid-sized business (SMB) owner is being inundated with information promoting cloud this or that, making it nearly impossible to determine who or what to trust. After all, deciding to migrate to the cloud is often fraught with risk and uncertainty, leading many business owners to stick with what they know. Often, what they know and are comfortable with, is a file server installed in the secure confines of their office. This is a tangible investment in purpose-built hardware running Windows Server OS, a topology referred to as a “client / server network”. In this mode of network, which has been around since the 70s, each computer connects to the local server for access to files and applications. This centralized way of computing has served us well, but the emergence of cloud computing has turned the model upside down.
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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient Using Web APIs

As more and more small and mid-sized businesses migrate application workloads or whole environments to the cloud, I am seeing several trends emerging. The maturity of cloud computing is allowing many organizations to stake their claim and build out significant presence. Salesforce, HubSpot, Office 365, and Xero are common services that business may subscribe to, but you are very likely creating separate silos of data for each one.  In fact, you may already have two or three copies of client data floating out there – keeping each of these up to date individually is a big challenge.
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Is it time to regulate Bitcoin?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of innovative technology. Blockchain, in particular, is fascinating. The promise of a decentralized digital currency has incredible potential for the worlds economies, fundamentally changing the way we can trade and transact. But blockchain currency also has a dark side - one that has increasingly emerged as of late - the power to hold data ransom in exchange for untraceable payment in Bitcoin. The future potential Bitcoin is now being overshadowed by transactions being conducted on the dark web by hackers converting bounty generated from ransomware. The FBI estimated ransomware to be over $1.6 billion US in 2016. Many estimates claim that could be double or triple the volume in 2017.
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