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Jason Miller

Jason has more than 20 years experience designing, implementing, and supporting technology solutions for business customers. He is the past president of the Winnipeg IT Professionals user group and was previously an eight-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in the Windows Server and Solutions category. When he isn't working he probably has a fishing rod in his hand, or he is cooking food on a grill or smoker in his back yard.

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Understanding Office 365 Updates and Channels

A major benefit to Office 365 application subscribers is the automation of security updates deployment into the products that keeps common applications current and also includes controlled rollout of enhancements and new features into the suite. In this article, we will outline the Office update options available, and we will provide a quick tip that will help you change your Office update settings.
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Improving Email Delivery with SPF Records

One common service request type that our team hears regularly from our customers involves email delivery. Customers report receipt of unsolicited mail from their own domain, or they report that their outgoing mails to external recipients aren't successfully received, or their mails go to the recipients' junk mail folder. And there's a simple fix that helps address both scenarios most of the time.
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