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Is Your Business AI-Ready?

Learn the "What", "Why", and "How-To" of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

An exclusive CentrePort Canada Webinar

This exciting and engaging session will provide you with both the proper mindset and model to approach Generative AI in your business. Ryan Bialek of Clear Concepts will separate the AI hype from the practical potential, demonstrating a number of useful tools that can be leveraged today. Learn how to deploy AI for productivity, while your organization prepares for the long-term benefits of custom AI solutions. Register today!


November 28
1 p.m. to 2 p.m. CT

Learn About

​Data Discovery
& Protection

Reduced Risk
& Liability

​Turning Data
Into An Asset

Market Research
Finds New Opportunities

Live Webinar Topics & Schedule

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Dare To Use Data – Leveraging Business Intelligence


March 23, 11 am CST


Businesses have more data available than ever before. Are you maximizing the value of your data?

Woefully, most organizations are not. Moreover, it can be difficult to know where to begin if have not explored the power of data before. Thankfully, Clear Concepts is here to help! Join us for an exciting webinar to learn about ‘The Data Journey’ and the Business Intelligence (BI) solutions offered by Clear Concepts:

  • Data Visualization
  • Marketing Research
  • Data Science Solutions

Whether you and your team are just beginning your Data Journey or are  Data Masters, Clear Concepts has a BI solution that is right for you.

3 webinar attendees will be selected to play
“Who Wants To Be a Data Analyst”
with a chance to win exciting prizes from Clear Concepts.



Webinar Duration: 60-65 minutes
Target Audience: Company Owners, Finance & Operations, Boards/Directors, Public Sector
Format: Microsoft Teams Live Event, Open Q&A





March 23rd

Kyle Braun

Kyle Braun, Data Analyst, Clear Concepts


Ryan Bialek, Manager, Modern Workplace, Clear Concepts

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Ryan Bialek

Manager - Modern Workplace, Clear Concepts