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Award-winning IT Management with no on-boarding fees or contracts—just great technical support. Small and large businesses alike rely on the network infrastructure and software to be the backbone of the operation. The health of the network is critical to your company success and growth. ClearCare Managed IT can alleviate risk of unmanaged or under-managed IT environments with five packages that address the needs and budget for any organization. ClearCare IT Management Solutions include Technical Support, Service Desk, Network Design, Staff Augmentation, Project Management, and Technical Projects. Our staff are hyper focused on delivering a fast and friendly technical support experience via phone, web, or email. We specialize in having a personalized approach for our ClearCare clients—detailed on-boarding process ensures our front line staff are equipped with the required information to properly support your business functions.


Proactive Technical Support - Predictable Costs - Reliable Results

If your business is currently supported by a break-fix IT support company—when something goes wrong with your systems—you call the IT Support Company to fix it. Reactive break-fix support comes with unexpected downtime, unpredictable bills, and no investment in strategic IT planning. With Clear Concepts ClearCare Managed Services, reacting to IT issues will become a thing of the pastwe will be proactively monitoring and maintaining the health and security of your business network with predictable fixed fee managed support prices that meet your IT budget. Best-in-class system tools let us help mitigate critical issues such as security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and downtime, so you can focus on building your business.

"It's fantastic that Microsoft in the cloud space is one of the very few companies that's got the critical mass, the particular emphasis on helping business customers get up to that cloud with all the unique requirements they have. It's very exciting."Bill Gates, Past CEO and Chairman of Microsoft

ClearCare Plan Options to Match Your Needs

ClearCare Managed IT can be tailor-made for the needs of any organization, ensuring budgets, business needs, and future plans are taken into account when considering your IT support options. Clear Concepts will help you envision a new IT model for your business; safeguarding your infrastructure investments and empowering staff to better take advantage of IT is our mandate.


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              Common Questions That People Usually Ask

              Why is your service better than the rest?

              Clear Concepts has been a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for over 10 years. We have been a full-service IT service provider for over 18 years, but 10 years of this has been in managed services, much longer than most of our competitors and almost as long as Managed Services has been an established way of delivering service. Along the way, we have learned a lot about what is important to our clients. We believe that IT should be a business enabler and not an expensive distraction.  We have empathy for our clients that come from diverse backgrounds and may not be computer skilled. We have evolved our service offering to be personalized to our client needs as each organization we deal with is unique. 

              My existing service provider does an OK job, why change?

              One of the most common reasons new clients have stayed with their existing service provider for so long is fear. Fear of change and fear that really good service is going to cost a lot. If your existing service provider is cutting corners to deliver low cost support, this ends up costing you more in other ways. IT spending should be an investment that pays back in efficiency and greater capacity to deliver new products or services. If you seem to be having the same issues over and over again, you are losing money due to lost productivity - a detrimental distraction from your core business.

              Can we pay by the hour for support?

              Yes, you can pay by the hour for support, but we generally don't recommend it. Paying by the hour, also known as "Break - Fix" service, does not often address the root cause of the problem, leading to repetitive issues that are billed out time and again. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we prefer to invest the time required to make the network as stable as possible, often requiring long term planning and strategy. This generally isn't possible in a break - fix type relationship. Clear Concepts has several monthly service plans to fit the budget of almost any client and we don't have any contracts to sign. We feel this is a healthier approach, ensuring we earn your valuable business month after month.

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