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Managed Backups

If your IT infrastructure were suddenly down due to theft or a natural disaster, do you have a constantly verified data backup and recovery solution? Clear Concepts offers complete data recovery and data protection programs for your peace of mind. Whether a company is large or small, its data is priceless. Most businesses have every intention of backing up their computer and server data every night, yet on almost every network assessment we perform for a prospective client, we discover backup deficiencies.

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Managed Backups Key Features

Backups Powered by Veeam

Clear Concepts is a long standing Veeam Backup and Replication Partner, providing managed backup solutions for onsite and cloud offsite data. Reduce costs and time spent managing backups by leveraging our proven backup solution.

Test Restores

In addition to daily automated and weekly manual backup checks, our Service Desk team conducts test restores of our client backups on a quarterly basis to ensure backup data can be safely restored and free of corruption.

Offsite Data Hosting Remains in Canada

Our Veeam Cloud Connect offsite backup data remains secured in a Canadian data center with ISO / IEC 27001:2013 and AICPA SOC 2 compliance. Ask your existing backup / DR vendor where they store data - many of our competitor solutions are self hosted in their office or at a low cost service provider outside of Canada.

Backups Are Critical

Staff are busy, and managing IT and backups can be challenging; issues with backups can be devastating to an SMB. You need an industry leading backup solution and experienced service provider that can take this important task off your plate. Clear Concepts Managed Backups are included in ClearCare plans or as a standalone service.

Automated and Manual Backup Checks

Clear Concepts monitors our client backups in real time and automatically tickets any incident that causes a disruption in backup continuity. For example, this could be related to disk capacity or dropped connection. As a secondary verification, our Service Desk team does manual reviews of our client backup logs on a weekly basis to ensure the utmost in protection against loss of data due to backup failure.

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There is a good chance your existing backup routine isn't working, is misconfigured, or isn't suitable for the type of data being backed up. Contact us to begin a no cost analysis of your existing backup routine and find out. Many of the backup routines we review started out working but over time have not been updated, or other issues have created problems with the backup continuity. We can help.


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