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SecureStart for First Nation Health Centres

SecureStart for First Nation Health Centres is a comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessment packaged service conducted remotely by a Cyber Ops Specialist, designed to identify potential risks to your ICT environment that would lead to unplanned downtime, malware infection, or loss of confidential / sensitive information (data breach). 

More than ever, the current cyber threat landscape requires organizations to align their Information Technology infrastructure to recommended security practices. SecureStart will help discover potential security vulnerabilities within the Health Centre’s physical network environment, providing an in-depth assessment of your infrastructure.

Key technical information about your environment is collected remotely for the purposes of further review and analysis. Our audit results will include key recommendations, knowledge transfer, and we build a remediation plan to help correct any areas of concern. And, if you require support to deploy these recommendations, we can create a project plan for consideration.

Clear Concepts has significant experience in conducting security audits large and small, but we find our SecureStart package to be a good entry point for First Nation Health Centres. The SecureStart assessment offered to qualified Health Centres. The process begins with a questionnaire that helps the Security Specialist determine the risk profile of the organization, allowing for a more tailored approach to the process and final document. Next, deep inspection software will scan the Health Centre network, analyzing data traffic for telltale signs of malware or other cyber threats. During this time, a Cyber Ops Specialist will remotely review other important network assets including the firewall, switches, validate backups, review permissions and data policies.

Key Benefits

check-green.png Ensure data security policies relating to the network, database and applications are in place.

check-green.png Provide insights on network access and security controls that are implemented.

check-green.png Better prepare your organization against potential threats including malware, phishing, and hacking.

check-green.png Help prevent reputation damage as a result of data breach or other exploits.

check-green.png Mitigate risk associated with conducting business online.

check-green.png Prevent loss of time and productivity by implementing Cyber Security Best Practices.

What Are Your Risks?

e-mail account compromise

Email account compromise

unauthorized changes

Loss of data through unauthorized changes

unlicensed downloads

Unlicensed software downloads

unsecure remote access

Unsecure remote access to corporate network

inadequate security

Inadequate physical security

unreliable backups

Unreliable backup jobs

malware infections

Virus or malware infections

misconfigured devices

Misconfigured devices in network leading to remote exploits

unpatched OS

Unpatched operating systems

banking trojans

Phishing attacks and banking trojans from email impersonation

infected attachments

Infected email attachments or web links

About Mustimuhw Solutions

SecureStart is offered in Partnership with Mustimuhw Information Solutions

"Nuts'amat Shqwaluwun" means "Working together with one heart and one mind". This traditional value is at the center of the Mustimuhw Solutions. Our two core products, the Mustimuhw community electronic medical record (cEMR) and the Mustimuhw Child and Family Services Case Management System (CFS-BP), are electronic solutions that seek to integrate community members, families, service providers and technology in delivering care with one heart and one mind.

Dissatisfied with mainstream solutions or those offered by government, Cowichan Tribes has developed unique solutions designed specifically for First Nations Health Centres and Child & Family Service Agencies. We have been refining these solutions to better meet your needs for over the past 22 years.

Mustimuhw Solutions reflect an intimate working knowledge of the requirements First Nation Health Centers and C&F Service Agencies need in information management systems, and the key supporting services that are essential to ensure the organization's continued success.  Mustimuhw Solutions are full service offerings.

Cowichan established Mustimuhw Information Solutions Inc. (MIS), as a fully owned Cowichan Tribes subsidiary,  to continue to manage and evolve the Mustimuhw solutions and support the growing customer base of communities using these tools.  Currently MIS is operating in 7 provinces with our solutions supporting over 270 First Nations.  

Our goal is to get you the support you need to implement the product, train your staff, provide ongoing application support and finally to listen to Mustimuhw Solution users in helping chart future product enhancements.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the assessment be conducted?

We will securely connect via Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP) to the network using credentials setup by your IT administrator or Mustimuhw Solutions.

I’m not familiar with Clear Concepts, how can we trust you?

Clear Concepts has been working with a large number of First Nation organizations across Canada (more about Clear Concepts here). Our company has received many national awards for our work with First Nation Health Centres (more about our awards here). All of our technicians have passed Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks.

Will this SecureStart Assessment impact our usage of the network?

No, the SecureStart Assessment will not have any impact on usage of the network or any applications.

If we do the SecureStart Assessment are we guaranteed to be secure going forward?

Unfortunately, no Security Assessment can be 100% guaranteed. We utilize best practices to conduct our assessments and follow the National Cybersecurity FFRDC to scan for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).  Network security is also an ongoing commitment, the SecureStart Assessment will only provide a point in time view of your security posture.

How long will the SecureStart Assessment take?

The SecureStart Assessment will ideally be completed in less than two weeks from completion of the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire.

What happens if the SecureStart Assessment finds vulnerabilities?

Depending on what type of vulnerability is found, we may contact you immediately with recommendations. Otherwise, the SecureStart Assessment will describe in detail what recommended remediations / actions are to be taken. You can choose to work with Clear Concepts on the remediations (on a fee basis) if you don’t have current IT support.

The SecureStart assessment and documentation will assess the following important aspects of the network, as well as include the recommended best practices against current cyber attacks.


  • Review firewall policies
  • Assess firmware status
  • Administrator accounts
  • Scan for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
  • Analyze VLANs


  • Evaluate physical switch locations
  • Switch port configuration assessment


  • Document number of SSID’s hotspots
  • Assess password complexity

Servers and Windows Domain

  • Determine number of domain administrators
  • Document password policy (expiration, length, or lockout policy)
  • Windows patching status


  • Evaluate antivirus definitions
  • Determine servers and workstation compliance

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Evaluate backup location
  • Storage permissions
  • Backup frequency and targets

Email Security

  • SPF or DKIM configuration (aids in preventing SPAM or phishing)
  • Usage of advanced threat email filtering

Web Filtering Service

  • Availability / applicability of DNS filtering
  • AV / AMP filtering






*Subject for qualification