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Navigating OneDrive for Business (April 2021)

New to OneDrive for Business?  Download our new visual aid that will help you and your colleagues in their adoption journey.
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Navigating Planner in Microsoft Teams

In the 3rd entry on my "Navigating Microsoft Planner" series, we'll look at it's integration in Microsoft Teams.  Possibly the best way to experience Planner in Office 365.
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Navigating Microsoft Teams (March 2021)

New to Microsoft Teams?  Download our free "User Interface Map" job aid and share it with your peers.
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Navigating Microsoft Planner Tasks

Curious about Microsoft Planner?  Check out my breakdown of tasks to learn what you can do.
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Navigating Microsoft Planner

In this blog post, I break down the user interface of Microsoft Planner to provide a look at what it can do.
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