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Pre-Holiday Tips for a Relaxing Holiday

Posted by Alex Henry | Dec 20, 2019 12:14:00 PM

'Twas a week before Xmas when all through the house, not a person was scrolling work emails by the click of their mouse... (written article and videos inside)

We’re officially halfway through December 2019 and everyone is working frantically to wrap things up with a nice bow before they leave for the holidays.   Here are a few handy tips to help you prepare and (more importantly) relax this holiday season.


Block-off time in your Outlook Calendar

Hopefully you’ve already gotten your vacation time approved for the season (if not, you’d better move on that soon).  Make sure that you let your co-workers know that you’re going to be away by updating your calendar.

Outlook Calendar - Create Event

Take it a step further by blocking-off some catch-up time for the first day back at work. Whether it’s just to catch-up on emails or planning out your goals for the new year – give yourself time and space to do it. 


Enable your "Out of Office" / Automatic Replies in Outlook

Don’t forget to leave a little note for those who cannot see your calendar (i.e.: external contractors and clients).  My advice is to keep it simple and straight to the point; When are you leaving?  When are you coming back?  Will you call me back?


Outlook - Automatic Reply


Set your Away Message in Microsoft Teams

If you’re in a Team-first organization, you can also leave your peers a little note in your profile settings.  Didn’t know that you could do this?  You’re welcome!


Teams - Set Status Message

Of course, your Teams Status will automatically change based on your calendar availability, so make sure you’ve completed Tip #1, or people may be wondering why you haven’t been online in a few days.


Organize and Check your List (Twice)

Need help keeping track of it all?  Create yourself some custom lists in To Do and get it all done this season so you can enjoy your time-off.  Group your shopping, meal and events planning lists together into a Xmas 2019 plan and start knocking items off the list.


To Do - Add Tasks to Lists

Don't forget to download the mobile apps before you hit the mall! 


Disable Work Notifications on your Mobile Device

This last tip is arguably one of the most important ones; give yourself a mental break from work by silencing anything on your phone that will ping, ding and otherwise distract you from enjoying your holiday.


Have a great holiday! 


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Written by Alex Henry

Alex is a passionate champion of the Modern Workplace philosophy and continuous learning. Learning new technology for collaboration and communication is a hobby. Helping friends, family, clients, and colleagues find smarter ways to use this modern technology to solve old problems is a passion. In the parting words of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes: "It's a magical world.... let's go exploring!"


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