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Looking at The MoWo Show Podcast for 2021

Posted by Alex Henry | Jan 18, 2021 9:50:26 AM

Happy 2021 Modern Workers. 

Last year was a wild ride for SO many reasons (some more obvious than others), and with that in the rearview mirror, we’re looking ahead at everything we want to do for you in the coming months and years. 

Last year, we launched the MOWO Show as a weekly webcast.  That was a tall order before the initial spring lockdowns, and while working remotely introduced challenges to that schedule, we had so much fun every step of the way.  

By the summer, we started discussing how to bring more guests on the show. We wanted to meet and learn from industry experts and thought-leaders so in order to make that happen, we pivoted away from video and re-branded as “The MoWo Show Podcast” 

This year, we are working hard to provide you with new types of content aimed to help you along your modern workplace journey.  More infographics, more blog posts and more videos. In order to meet this new challenge, we have decided to change the release schedule of the MoWo Show Podcast to bi-monthly.   

Starting in March 2021, we will be releasing new episodes of “The MoWo Show” Podcast every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.   

As always, don’t forget to subscribe this blog, our YouTube channel, an“The MoWo Show Podcast” on your any of your favorite podcasting apps so you don’t miss out. 

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Written by Alex Henry

Alex is a passionate champion of the Modern Workplace philosophy and continuous learning. Learning new technology for collaboration and communication is a hobby. Helping friends, family, clients, and colleagues find smarter ways to use this modern technology to solve old problems is a passion. In the parting words of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes: "It's a magical world.... let's go exploring!"


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