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How to Add Transcriptions to Your Teams Meetings

Posted by Alex Henry | Mar 10, 2022 5:07:49 PM

Make your Teams meetings more accessible by adding captions to the recorded files.  Check out this article for the video, transcription, screenshots and more.


Video Transcription & Screenshots

00:00:01:20 - 00:00:03:19
What's good, modern workers?

00:00:03:19 - 00:00:06:07
In this video, I'm going to show you how to make your meetings

00:00:06:07 - 00:00:10:08
more accessible by adding transcriptions to them with a few simple clicks.

00:00:10:25 - 00:00:12:17
Let's get started.

00:00:12:17 - 00:00:16:12
Step #1: Locate the Recorded Meeting File.

Screenshot showing how to open a recorded Teams meeting from Teams Chat

00:00:16:12 - 00:00:18:22
Any meetings that are hosted inside of a team

00:00:18:22 - 00:00:21:06
channel will be found in your Team SharePoint site.

The "Recordings" Folder in a SharePoint Document Library

00:00:21:21 - 00:00:25:08
Any meetings not hosted in a teams channel can be found

00:00:25:08 - 00:00:28:03
inside of OneDrive for Business in the "Recordings" folder.

The "Recordings" Folder in OneDrive for Business

00:00:28:25 - 00:00:29:21
Just a quick note...

00:00:29:21 - 00:00:31:12
whoever started the recording during

00:00:31:12 - 00:00:34:03
the meeting will have it saved in their OneDrive.

00:00:34:17 - 00:00:38:01
Once you've found that meeting recording, open it up in the web

00:00:38:01 - 00:00:40:12
browser, NOT a desktop app.

00:00:41:03 - 00:00:43:26
Step #2: Generate your Captions.

Video settings icon found in the OneDrive video player
00:00:43:26 - 00:00:45:27
Click on the video settings found in the top

00:00:45:27 - 00:00:49:20
right corner of the screen and toggle on transcription and captions.

00:00:53:10 - 00:00:56:03
Click "Generate English" to create the video captions.

Button to generate English captions in OneDrive video settings

00:00:56:08 - 00:01:00:10
Note that English is the only supported language at the time of making this video.

00:01:01:05 - 00:01:03:24
Click the "Refresh" button a few times to see if the transcription is complete.

Screenshot showing the "Refresh" button when generating captions


00:01:03:25 - 00:01:09:17
This is a required step because (for some reason) this process will not stop

00:01:09:17 - 00:01:12:24
until you hit the refresh button, even after the transcript has been done.

00:01:13:28 - 00:01:17:03
After the transcripts finished, you can view the full thing

00:01:17:03 - 00:01:20:18
by clicking on the "Transcript" button from the menu on the right hand side.


The "Transcript" icon in the OneDrive video player


00:01:21:11 - 00:01:24:00
(Step #3) Final step: Review Your Transcript.

00:01:24:00 - 00:01:27:20
You can review your full transcript to ensure it meets your standard of quality.

screenshot of the full video transcription inside of the video player


00:01:28:07 - 00:01:31:26
Note that you cannot edit the transcript inside of OneDrive for Business.

00:01:32:07 - 00:01:34:10
So if you're not happy with the transcription,

00:01:34:15 - 00:01:38:19
you'll have to start it again or try using Microsoft Stream, which will

00:01:38:19 - 00:01:42:09
allow you to modify your transcriptions inside of the web browser.

00:01:42:24 - 00:01:45:00
Once your transcription is done and you're happy,

00:01:45:00 - 00:01:47:28
you can go ahead and share that out with the rest of your organization.

00:01:48:03 - 00:01:49:14
Let them know that they can turn the

00:01:49:14 - 00:01:53:12
captions on by clicking on the "CC" icon in the video player.

00:01:54:13 - 00:01:55:15
That's it for this video.

00:01:55:15 - 00:01:57:19
I hope he found it useful. Thanks for watching!

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Written by Alex Henry

Alex is a passionate champion of the Modern Workplace philosophy and continuous learning. Learning new technology for collaboration and communication is a hobby. Helping friends, family, clients, and colleagues find smarter ways to use this modern technology to solve old problems is a passion. In the parting words of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes: "It's a magical world.... let's go exploring!"


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