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Email Anywhere with Outlook on the Web

Posted by Alex Henry | Mar 31, 2020 6:37:30 PM

Why install a desktop app with a web client this good? 

When you're working from home and need quick access to your email and calendar, check out Outlook on the Web. Let's take a look at why I haven't used the Outlook desktop app in over a year.

A Modern Outlook Experience

The Outlook on the Web user interface got a face lift last year. If your company has moved to the cloud, you will get this experience out-of-the-box.
Outlook on the Web home
Of course, Outlook on the Web is more than email. Your calendar, contacts and even tasks are available here. You open them by clicking on the navigation icons on the bottom-left corner of the window:

Outlook on the Web navigation icons for email, calendar, contacts and tasks


If you're worried about not finding your emails, don't worry. Your folders are synced from the Outlook desktop app. 

Outlook on the Web Folders


When in doubt, you can always search for emails at the top of the window:

Outlook OTW Search


The "My Day" Feature

This has to be my favorite feature in Outlook on the Web so far. This handy feature lets you view your calendar and tasks while you reply to emails.

My Day feature in Outlook on the Web


Focused Inbox

Out of the box, the Focused Inbox feature is enabled. This feature automatically sorts your inbox into two tabs: "Focused" and "Other". This uses some "AI Magic" to decide which emails go into each bucket, so this may not be the feature for everyone.
Focused inbox in Outlook on the Web
You can disable this feature from the settings menu (the gear icon).

Toggle focused inbox in outlook on the web


A Modern Web Calendar

This is hands-down one of the web-based calendars I've used in a long time. Additionally, it's one of the key reasons I prefer Outlook on the Web to the desktop app.

Outlook on the Web Calendar

Being able to share a calendar with peers is a breeze. You are also in control of how much you share from each calendar.

Outlook Calendar Sharing permissions

Of course, creating and managing your events from here is a terrific experience. You can even turn your meetings into "Team Meetings" with the click of a button like the desktop app.

Outlook Calendar Event

Why Should You Try the Web Client over the Desktop App?

Make no mistake, the Outlook on the Web is not here to take your desktop app away. It's a wonderful alternative that will appeal to some but not everyone (and that's okay). If you work out of a browser all day already or tired of the desktop app, then Outlook on the Web may be a good fit for you.
What are you waiting for?  Go check it out!

Thanks for reading!

Learn more by checking out these short videos below:

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Written by Alex Henry

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