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James Poirier

James is a Senior Network Technician for Clear Concepts. His robust skillset is a result of 15+ years working with corporate and SMB clients. Resourceful and results driven; James strives to deliver the results his clients never knew they expected.

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A Free Microsoft Office on the Web

We have all been in the situation where we are out of the office but require access to critical business resources. Maybe its double checking budget numbers in a report or accessing the updated presentation that you are scheduled to give in 10 minutes. Whatever it is, you need access to that resource now and the access needs to work. Microsoft's service at office.com fills this need with easy to use, feature rich, web applications.*
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Security Assessment as a Service

We lock our house when we go out; we lock our car when we park it; but is our network locked and protected from the bad guys when we are not looking? What about when we are looking?
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