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The fourth industrial revolution is here.

Your competitors are transforming, are you?

Technology is transforming where and how we work. The pace of business change is accelerating, creating more choice and adding complexity for business owners and managers. Cloud computing has created an environment of agility never seen before - how do you gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the opportunity? Clear Concepts is a new breed of technology service provider, helping clients divert from legacy infrastructure and transferring workloads to the cloud. Our agility and vendor partnerships help enable a smooth transition -  we understand the importance of managing change and making value driven decisions.       

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies”John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems

Clear Concepts can provide advice and guidance on your own digital transformation journey. If you are considering a new line of business application, looking to reduce IT infrastructure, better optimize workflows or business processes, we can help. Many small and medium businesses feel compelled to adopt an enterprise scale solution when there are often more practical and affordable ways to achieve the same results. Let our expertise with cloud solutions and services give you a jump start in optimizing your business.

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Increase operational efficiency. Drive greater business efficiency and reduce expenses with solutions that streamline business operations and IT infrastructure management. Organizations can increase profitability, security and agility by optimizing operations using the secure, flexible Microsoft cloud.

Enable worker productivity. Connect your employees to the information they need so they can get more done and experience greater job satisfaction. Microsoft tools enable workers to be more mobile, more collaborative, more intelligent, and more intuitive, without sacrificing trust or security.

Expand customer engagement. Put the customer first and build profitable, loyal relationships using technology that provides insights about your customers. Smart cloud technology from Microsoft can help a business of any size deliver a connected and personalized customer experience.

Don’t let complicated IT complicate your business.

Traditional hardware based servers are not always required to run applications or store data. Many digital transformation approaches start in the cloud - Line of business applications have software as a service (Saas) options. Some of the most popular CRM or HR applications are delivered from the cloud only. The largest data centers of the world are dedicated to delivering software from the cloud - Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix are all examples of cloud delivered applications that run over the Internet in a browser.


Tech-savvy SMBs grew revenue faster than SMBs using less advanced technology.

The Bolton Consulting Group

as many tech-savvy SMBs say they are innovative thanks to technology.

The Bolton Consulting Group

25 billion 
connected "things" will be used in 2020.


CEOs believe technology will transform their business more than any other global trend.

PWC CEO Survey

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