Code Two Email Signatures
For Office 365

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Clear Concepts helps you centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers for all users in your Office 365 tenant with Code Two.

Centrally managed, server-side email signatures

Real benefits for your organization


Key Features

Signatures visible as you type an email in Outlook, OWA and Outlook for Mac

Email signatures visible in Sent Items

Safe and secure technology that sends your emails via CodeTwo services in Microsoft datacenters

All email clients, mobile devices and languages are supported

End-user Guide

What is Code Two Email Signatures?

CodeTwo Email Signatures is a software solution that allows for central management of email signatures, disclaimers and branding in Office 365 organizations. Signatures are added automatically (on Microsoft Azure servers) once a message is sent. All email clients and devices are supported.


1. Once the Code Two Email Signature is configured for your organization, a 'Server Signature Preview' icon in your Outlook 'New Message' ribbon automatically appears in Outlook and OWA. Once the preview feature is on, you can see your signatures in real time while writing an email in Outlook (see screenshot below). 

2. To avoid multiple email signatures, make sure you remove all existing email signatures in your Outlook and Mobile app.

User FAQs

What happens if my email contains both internal and external recipients?

If an email contains both internal and external recipients, and you have different rules configured for each message direction, different signatures will be added to for different recipients.

How does the email signature works for replies and forwards?

CodeTwo's most eminent feature regarding replies and forwards is the ability to add an email signature/disclaimer directly under the body of the most recent message.

If, however, you prefer the method of adding the signatures at the very bottom of the conversation, CodeTwo can be configured to do so.